Welcome To Burn Kittens

A Solana Meme Token Community Movement Cult

About Us

Have You Seen The Burn Kittens?


The cryptocurrency that’s been captivating hearts and spreading joy behind closed doors. Get ready to embrace the power of positivity, as we unveil the secrets of happiness to the world. Join us on this extraordinary journey of laughter, community, and limitless potential! 


69 M Supply
Liquidity Burn
0% Sell Tax
0% Buy Tax



Phase 1

Website Building
Social Creation
Pre-launch marketing


Phase 2

Token launch
DEX Screener update
Marketing campaign
Burn Kittens Airdrop


Phase 3

New Year Contest
CEX listing
Burn Kittens Utilities
Game Fi


Phase 4

Next Step

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The purrfectly playful meme project on the Solana blockchain! 🐾🔥 Dive into a world where crypto meets comedy, as Burn Kittens takes the meme game to new heights.